How to Configure WordPress SEO Smart link Plugin

In my last post I talked about SEO Smart link wordpress plugin which helps you to automatic link to particular keyword with a link. This will increase your no. of internal linking and will help you to rank better in search engines.

This plugin is also useful for affiliate marketer who use wordpress as their blogging platform. They can link to particular text with their affiliate codes and increase  revenue. You can also configure this plugin to open link in new window and add a no follow attribute.

Here is a detailed guide which will help you to set up SEO smart link wordpress plugin.

  • Download, install and activate plugin (Plugin link)
  • Once activated, navigate to Settings> SEO smart links under your wordpress dashboard
  • Follow the screenshots and instructions.

SEP-Smart-Link-settings-1 In the first section you can configure which part of your blog will be automatically linked. You can select posts and pages. Select comments when you have a good wordpress hosting.


In the target section, I recommend select only posts section and avoid pages. Since you don’t want to rank for pages like contact me, about , disclaimer.

SEO Custom Keywords


This is the option which you need to pay most attention. Here you will add text and links which you want to be automatically linked.

No follow : Use Nofollow attribute option only if you are linking post with affiliate links.

Open in new Windows : This is based on your personal choice. You can make it to open in same window or open in new window. In my case, I have selected it to open in new window.

This is the syntax I used to automatically link two text from my blog with one of my post :

Gocodes WordPress plugin, Hide affiliate links,

You can separate multiple text with “,” .

I hope this post will help you to enhance your WordPress SEO capabilities.

If you have any question or doubt, feel free to use comment form.

Update: SEO smart link plugin is now graduated to SEO smart link premium with many advance capabilities. Check out my SEO smart link Premium WordPress plugin review


  1. Andy Fitzpatrick:

    Thanks ever so much for this I have followed step by step and now it works

  2. jurug:

    thanks, I have bookmarks…

    I have use this plugin, but I don’t create automatic link in my post :(

  3. Tech Buzz:

    i post articles with inter linking to keywords in it. and this will also put inter links between posts, so wont inter links get more in the posts ? like 4 to 5 links in the very same posts ?

  4. Ms. Freeman:

    So with this plugin I still have to enter each individual post url still?

  5. Harsh Agrawal:

    Ms. Freeman depends on what do you want to rank for.. I use it for whole blog.. as in if I want to rank for a particular keyword, I configured it for my blog, or for few posts.

  6. Dynasty Web:

    This is a very useful Word Press Plugin. Especially for SEO. Thanks, I will install it today.

    Dynasty Web Marketing – Drive More Traffic To Your Site

  7. zoel:

    Thanks for this and i was try it step by step and successfully;-)

  8. Kamal:

    just check my blog, i am unable to see the smart links work. I have followed the process. but i think there is some issues with the plugin. Can you please take a look

  9. Gary Benton:

    I haven’t been able to get it to work on my site either. I’m using WP 2.9.2
    Does anyone know if this still works with the latest WP version?

  10. cjschrissouth:

    It doesn’t word on previous posts. Only new ones that i write.
    Is there a way to make it search all of the posts and make keywords from previous posts into links?

  11. Kamal:

    Is there any one who can respond to my previous query?

    “just check my blog, i am unable to see the smart links work. I have followed the process. but i think there is some issues with the plugin. Can you please take a look”


  12. Themepremium:

    Hey Jurang
    Have you configured everything as mentioned in the tutorial? Is is not appearing in old post or even in future posts too ?

  13. Themepremium:

    Thanks for your Feedback and it is indeed one useful WordPress plugin for WordPress SEO.

  14. Themepremium:

    Hey Kamal
    Can you show me a screenshot of your SEO smart link plugin settings and I can review it.

  15. Themepremium:

    Hey Kamal
    Please check my answer above.

  16. Boiminc:

    I’ve used it, thank you for the information, I have use this plugin, but I do not create automatic links in my post, is there any special settings for this plugin to work?

  17. Denni:

    I have a problem with seo smart links and I was hoping that you can help me with it…
    I wanted to make links on posts to be no-follow (success), but I need links on certain page in my blog to stay do-follow.
    can you help me with this? thank you… (if you can send me an email that’d be great :) )
    Best Regards


  18. khairil:

    is this plugin okey with thesis?

  19. Themepremium:

    Kahairill yes :)

  20. Mosarrof:

    Nice Plugin, i will use it sure :)

  21. Nihar:

    Thanks for the tutorial.

    Till now i have been linking to tag pages. never linked to posts.

    Is linking to tags is bad?