Use Gocodes WordPress Plugin to Hide Affiliate links

I have already posted about why its necessary to use pretty affiliate links instead of raw affiliate links, and how you can use Gocodes WordPress plugin to hide or cloak affiliate links. Here I explain how to use this plugin to hide or cloak affiliate links.

Start by downloading the Gocodes WordPress plugin from this link and install it on your WordPress website. Activate it after the installation is complete.

Once its activated, go to Settings > Gocodes in your WordPress dashboard. Here you can configure the redirection key that will be used to cloak your affiliate links. By default, it is set to GO. You can change it to whatever you like, for instance, Offer.


Also ‘check’ the nofollow option. This is necessary to make sure that Google or any other search engines do not follow your affiliate links, making your site secure from search engine penalties because of too many outbound links or linking to irrelevant websites.

Gocodes plugin is now ready to use. To create an affiliate link, go to Tools > Gocodes, and fill the details for the affiliate link as explained below.

Redirect Key: Product name or any other text that you would like to show in affiliate link.
Target URL: The actual affiliate link that you want to hide or cloak
Count Hits?: This will count the number of times the cloaked affiliate link is used.


Click on Add Redirect button after filling all the details. The cloaked affiliate link is ready to use. You can now use it directly as an affiliate link instead of the actual link:

<a href="">Go To Press75</a>

You can now create as many cloaked affiliate links as you want using the Gocodes WordPress plugin. Please post your comment below if you have any issues using the plugin.


  1. Adrienne:

    I have spent a whole week searching for a way of masking the original company’s url in the actual address bar when the link is actually visited.

    I can cloak the mouseover easily enough and have done so using a variety of methods, including using the Gocodes WordPress plugin. But none hides the url in the address bar once the cloaked affiliate link is clicked.

    The only way I have currently found to keep my url in the address bar when the product owner site is visited is via a frame on another but private page on my website, problem is the frame page is much much larger than allowed for in the text area of my template so it just looks awful.

    I know there is another way where the page loads in a new window or the current window just as it would look on the originating website because it is the orginiating website just with my url in the address bar. Anyone using WordPress that knows how to do that please please can you let me know!

  2. Richard:

    Gocodes has not been updated. Does it work with latest wordpress updates?

  3. Mayur Somani:


    Yes, it works fine with the latest version of WordPress.