Post Idea+ WordPress plugin: Save your Future post ideas

I use Windows live writer as one of my primary Blogging tool and use Mind mapping software’s for my ideas. This is good when I work as an individual but when I have a team to work on, I need some thing which I can use to share with my team.

On my both major blog @shoutmeloud and @callingallgeeks, I have a team of people who take care of blog that includes @whiztechy.

Couple of days back I got my hands on one free WordPress plugin name Post ideas+ which is superb for putting down your ideas inside your WordPress dashboard and any of your team member can use this idea to craft a blog post.

post-ideas Plugin which I’m talking here is Post ideas+ which is a useful plugin and which let you add your future post ideas and few more details so that you or your team will never miss any posts in future. Here is a small screenshot of the plugin and this screenshot itself explain it’s functionality:

post-ideas You can configure this plugin to show your post ideas to all registered users or just share it with admin. For a blog like Shoutmeloud, I will consider configuring it for all the users, so that our guest author can have an idea for their next Guest post at Shoutmeloud.

This plugin give you an option on your dashboard homepage to add your post ideas and from your dashboard you can quickly see your old ideas:


This is one such plugin which I would recommend if you have a team to blog and share the same ideas.

Plugin link

This plugin is not going to be part of Shoutmeloud 30 WordPress plugin but it’s already added into CallingAllgeeks.

I would love to know much such plugins which you can use with your team for collective blogging. Do you know any more such plugin?