WordPress Plugin to Solve WordPress P problem in WordPress 3.0

Just now I informed about WordPress 3.0 bug converting small  p Into Caps P and thanks to Gautam for letting us know more about this problem.

This is bug in WordPress 3.0 and we have an open thread for the same in WordPress support forum. Till the time WordPress come up with an update on this we can use a plugin call

Remove WordPress to WordPress filter.

“This plugin will solve this problem and according to official plugin author:

n WordPress 3.0, a default filter changes all instances of “WordPress” (note the small “p”) in posts, titles, and comments to “WordPress”. For various reasons, such as preserving spelling in existing posts and comments, a blog owner may want to turn this filter off. That is what this plugin does.”

Install plugin

This plugin works with WordPress 3.0+ and I suggest that it’s a must install plugin for every WordPress users who have updated their blog to WordPress 3.0.