WordPress SEO plugin : SEO Smart Link

When we talk about WordPress SEO, wordpress is already 70% SEO optimized in comparison to blogspot or other Blogging platform. Though rest 30% is something which makes your more prominent in search engine. This 30% of wordpress SEO is very crucial and should be taken care very precisely. If you have not done SEO optimization of your blog, you should hire someone who can do it for you. For quick consultancy you can contact me using contact page.

SEO Smart link WordPress plugin

SEO smart link plug-in is another very useful plugin for optimizing your blog for Search engines. This will help you to rank better in search engine.

SEO smart link helps you to automatically linking of your text and phrases to corresponding links. For example you want to rank for a text “ WordPress tutorials”. You can configure this wordpress plugin to automatically link to this text in your blog with defined link. Here are some screenshots of this useful plugin.

seo-smart-linkIn my next tutorial I will let you know how you can configure this plugin for maximum advantage.

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  1. Jayce:

    Hmm… Never use this before. Does it help much?

  2. Ms. Freeman:

    I just installed this plugin and it is not working too well for me at the moment. It seems to only want to link to my tags even though I configured it to red both my posts and comments. Can you provide some advice on this?

  3. Harsh Agrawal:

    Let me know if you figured it out..or I will personally check your settings. You can catch me though contact page.