Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

As you probably already know that AdSense is basically an ad serving service for the internet publishers by Google. Using AdSense on your website is one of the best way to earn a passive income from content marketing. You just need to register at and then use the ad code provided there on your website to start generating revenue instantly.

But just placing AdSense ads on your website will not get you maximum benefits. You need to optimize your website for better AdSense performance, that is, a high CTR (click through rate). This can be done by testing various AdSense ad units, changing colors of AdSense units to blend with the color scheme of your website and also trying different ad placements.

For instance, the image below shows the heatmap of a typical content based website. It shows the distribution of attention span of a visitor on a typical website. The dark areas get more attention while the lighter areas get higher attention. Its recommended to place ads in the dark areas of heatmap to get maximum clicks, and hence revenue.

There are hundreds of other AdSense optimization points which you must keep in mind if you want to make a profitable website that uses AdSense for revenue. If you want to save time, you can simply use AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes. These WordPress themes are specially developed for AdSense publishers, and they implement all the AdSense Optimization techniques by default, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

You can simply use one of the AdSense Optimized WordPress themes, and see the CTR and revenue skyrocket overnight. Note that some of these themes may not look very pretty. But that is fine, since once you apply all the AdSense Optimization tips to a theme, you have to compromise a little bit with the site’s aesthetics. But I can assure you that no matter how they look, they perform great with AdSense.

Best WordPress Themes That Are Optimized For Adsense

Below is the list of the best WordPress themes that are created only for AdSense publishers and are specially optimized for high CTR and revenue with AdSense program.

MaxCTR WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a WordPress theme for a micro niche site, then MaxCTR WordPress Theme should be your first choice. The theme is made for micro niche sites.

MaxCTR theme has no distracting elements, so if a user have to leave the website running this theme, he has only two choices. He can either click on the close button on the browser tab, or he can click on an AdSense ad. Since the AdSnese ads are contextually very relevant, a user clicks on ads more then 99% of time, skyrocketing your AdSense earnings.

MaxCTR theme comes with an advanced theme options page using which you can setup a micro nice site within minutes. You can also use this theme for an amazon affiliate website.

Download MaxCTR WordPress Theme

MaxSense WordPress Theme

If you want to start an online magazine site, and you want to use AdSense to monetize it, then MaxSense WordPress Theme is an ideal choice for you. The theme has a unique magazine layout and it strategically places AdSense ad units throughout the page to make sure that you get maximum possible revenue from AdSense.

Download MaxSense WordPress Theme

MoreSense WordPress Theme

If you are running a tech blog or a similar community news blog, then MoreSense WordPress Theme is ideal for you. It comes with an advanced theme options page using which you can place the AdSense ad units at highly optimized positions automatically. Thus you can setup a tech blog within minutes using this theme.

Download MoreSense WordPress Theme

PlusOne WordPress Theme

PlusOne is a free WordPress theme that mimics the layout of the social networking site by Google, the Google+. Its one of the best theme to use if you are an AdSense publisher since its clean and tested layout ensures a very high CTR, and hence, revenue.

Download PlusOne WordPress Theme

Clickbump Engine WordPress Theme

Clickbump Engine is an AdSense optimized WordPress theme which can also be used for other type of niche websites like for promoting a product as an affiliate.

Clickbump Engine comes with multiple ‘skins’ which you can apply to your site and change its layout instantly, based on the type of site you are have or product you are promoting.

Download Clickbump Engine WordPress Theme


CTR theme is one of the most popular WordPress theme for AdSense publishers. The theme comes with multiple built-in layouts and you can easily switch between the layouts from the extensive options panel of CTRTheme without touching a line of code.

CTRTheme automatically places the AdSense as units at high CTR positions on individual posts and pages, and also modifies the color of ad units so that they blend well with the website and do not look like an ad, thus ensuring a very high CTR.

You also get ‘AdSense Link-Building Secrets’ ebook free when you purchase CTRTheme. Link building is a very important aspect of running AdSense based website as its useless to have a highly optimized website if it doesn’t rank well in search engines.

Download CTRTheme

I have tried and tested all the above themes on my own sites before posting the reviews. If you know about any other AdSense optimized WordPress themes, then do let me know and I will add it to the list. But please ensure that the theme is optimized for AdSense.