Best WordPress Web Hosting

One of the most important, but often overlooked factor in running a successful WordPress based website is a secure, reliable and fast WordPress web hosting.

Security: Since WordPress is the most popular website platform these days, its also the target of most of security incidents. If your WordPress web host is not hardened from security perspective, your site may get hacked very frequently. And its very difficult to clean a hacked WordPress website completely. This can cause serious issues with your website including getting banned by search engines like Google.

Reliability: A web host with frequent downtime can only hurt your business. Also, if search engine bots and spiders can’t access your website due to the downtime, they may remove your website from the search index. And it may be very difficult to get the rankings back.

Speed: A faster website not only improves user experience, its also a ranking factor in search engine rankings. All other things being equal, a faster website will rank better in Google then a slower website.

While choosing web hosting for your WordPress website, you must make sure that your WordPress web host is secure, reliable and optimized for performance. Here’s a list of handpicked WordPress web hosting companies that meet all these requirements.



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