Difference Between Free WordPress and Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Recently we talked about What is WordPress and two variation of WordPress.

  • Free WordPress.com Blog
  • Self Hosted WordPress blog

Wordpress-free-vs-self-hosted Credit

You must be thinking what is the difference between these two WordPress blog.

Free WordPress blog

WordPress.com provide you with a free WordPress blog with lots of limitations like

Limitations of Free WordPress Blogs

  • Theme selection
  • Plugins
  • Putting advertisement
  • File Upload limit
  • Limited Storage
  • WordPress.com domain
  • No FTP

Self Hosted WordPress blog

Where as a Self hosted WP blog is more or less like a website which is hosted on your server where you are free to select any number of WordPress themes, plugins, Storage limit and advertisement.

Advantages of Self Hosted WordPress Blog

  • Unlimited Plugins
  • Unlimited Theme
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unique domain name
  • Advertisement
  • Self hosted
  • Complete control
  • FTP access.

More over you will have your own domain like I have www.themepremium.com .

We will discus more on WordPress blogs in upcoming posts. Don’t forget to use any of the subscription offer mentioned in the sidebar to subscribe to themepremium.