How to Configure WordPress SEO Smart link Plugin

In my last post I talked about SEO Smart link wordpress plugin which helps you to automatic link to particular keyword with a link. This will increase your no. of internal linking and will help you to rank better in search engines.

This plugin is also useful for affiliate marketer who use wordpress as their blogging platform. They can link to particular text with their affiliate codes and increase  revenue. You can also configure this plugin to open link in new window and add a no follow attribute.

Here is a detailed guide which will help you to set up SEO smart link wordpress plugin.

  • Download, install and activate plugin (Plugin link)
  • Once activated, navigate to Settings> SEO smart links under your wordpress dashboard
  • Follow the screenshots and instructions.

SEP-Smart-Link-settings-1 In the first section you can configure which part of your blog will be automatically linked. You can select posts and pages. Select comments when you have a good wordpress hosting.


In the target section, I recommend select only posts section and avoid pages. Since you don’t want to rank for pages like contact me, about , disclaimer.

SEO Custom Keywords


This is the option which you need to pay most attention. Here you will add text and links which you want to be automatically linked.

No follow : Use Nofollow attribute option only if you are linking post with affiliate links.

Open in new Windows : This is based on your personal choice. You can make it to open in same window or open in new window. In my case, I have selected it to open in new window.

This is the syntax I used to automatically link two text from my blog with one of my post :

Gocodes WordPress plugin, Hide affiliate links,

You can separate multiple text with “,” .

I hope this post will help you to enhance your WordPress SEO capabilities.

If you have any question or doubt, feel free to use comment form.

Update: SEO smart link plugin is now graduated to SEO smart link premium with many advance capabilities. Check out my SEO smart link Premium WordPress plugin review