How To Backup WordPress Database From PHPMyAdmin

As they say, prevention is better then cure, its always a good idea to take a full backup of your WordPress database, just in case there is some issue with your WordPress web host and your database is corrupted. Its very easy to take a full backup of your WordPress database using WordPress backup plugins. But its even easier if you do it manually from PHPMyAdmin.

Taking a backup of WordPress database from PHPMyAdmin is basically just exporting the WordPress database on your computer from PHPMyAdmin. To do that first login to your WordPress database on your web server using PHPMyAdmin.

You can also use this plugin that lets you access PHPMyAdmin from within the WordPress dashboard. Once the plugin is installed, click on Tools > PHPMyAdmin, and you will be redirected to PHPMyAdmin screen.

WordPress PhpMyAdmin

In PHPMyAdmin, click on Export in the top bar and then on the next page select all the tables on left hand side by clicking on ‘select all’ link. Keep the SQL format on next screen.

Export WordPress Database Phpmyadmin

You can give a name to the exported file and if your database size is too big, you can use any of the compression technique like zip or gzipped. Make sure to give a meaningful name to your WordPress backup file so that you can find it easily when you actually need it.

Click on ‘GO’ button on bottom right and your database will be downloaded on your computer.

Knowing how to export or backup your WordPress database from PHPMyAdmin is great as you will also need it if you ever decide to move your WordPress website from one web server to another. Please let us know if you face any issues in the procedure.