Optimize WordPress Database With Wp-Optimize WordPress Plugin

WordPress is one of the best platform for blogging, but like a normal computer every thing need house keeping and maintenance. Taking care of lots of things, at one go is quite tough. Wp-optimize WordPress plugin is one such plugin which allow you to take care of lots of WordPress issues at one go.

Wp-optimize WordPress plugin take care of few of major issues with WordPress

The last feature is something which made me install this plugin, as I was using “admin” as my username and its a big security flaw and may lead to wordpress hack via Brute force feature. So if you still using admin as your wordpress blog name, make sure you change it. And the easies way to change is by using this plugin.

wp-optimize-wordpress plugin

I wont say that install this plugin and keep it active always. Instead install this plugin once and make the changes and disable it. Try to use this plugin once in a month or use wp-config method to disable post revision feature.

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