Pointing Domain name server from WordPress.com to Bluehost

I was working on a client work, in which she wanted to move her WordPress.com blog to Self hosted WordPress. Though she already bought custom domain from wordpress.com and now before doing a search engine friendly migration for my client, I had to change the name server of her domain to point it to Bluehost name server.

Few days back I wrote an article on How to Install WordPress on Bluehost, though for users who already have a custom domain bought from wordpress.com might face an issue because they want to keep up the same domain name on new blog.

Tip : I’m not talking about themepremium.wordpress.com, If you have bought a domain name for your free wordpress blog, i.e themepremium.com This will be helpful for you.

To get started with it. Bluehost provide you with a free domain name when you signup. You can  also use it later on but for now you already own a domain at wordpress.com and you want to transfer it to bluehost.

The process is simple and I will explain in steps.

Step 1 : Bluehost Signup

When You signup for Bluehost in the domain name enter the existing domain name  which you have hosted with wordpress.com


Now enter the formalities which you need to add there and complete the sign up process.

Step 2 : Logging into WordPress Domain panel

Login to Your Wp.com dashboard, under Upgrade on sidebar click on domains.


Now follow these 3 simple steps :

  • Change primary domain to your .wordpress.com domain name
  • You need to login to your Domain control panel and you can see the customer code
  • Create a password by entering into the panel.


Check the Image that will clear everything.

Step 3 : Changing Name server

So I assume you have set the new password for managing domain. Now click on manage domain. On the new page Enter the Customer number as Login ID and Password you just created.

Once you are logged in click on the domain name you want to point to Bluehost and on the next panel which look like below image, click on manage in front of name server.


On The next pop up window , Change the Name servers as



Once your name servers are modified it will take approximately 24-72 hours for your DNS to fully propagate to Bluehost servers.

So till the time site back and grab a coffee. Once every thing is done, start with your wordpress blog set up. More over if you used the same domain name while signing up for Bluehost, you can install wordpress and once your name server will be pointed at Bluehost name server. Your self hosted wordpress blog will be visible.

If you have any queries or trouble, feel free to use comment box. In case if you want to migrate your wordpress.com to Self hosted wordpress blog. Feel free to Hire me.

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