How To Repair WordPress Database From PHPMyAdmin

Its a good idea to learn how to repair WordPress database from PHPMyAdmin. You may not need it now, but you may need to repair WordPress database any time in future.

For instance, you may sometimes get error like, You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions To Access This Page, when you update your WordPress installation. You will need to repair WordPress database using PHPMyAdmin to fix that error.

Repairing WordPress Database Using PHPMyAdmin

Important: Before attempting to modify any WordPress tables, please make sure to take a full backup of your WordPress database. You can do this by using any WordPress backup plugin, or you can export a backup of WordPress database from PHPMyAdmin.

First login to your WordPress databse on your web server using the PHPMyAdmin. Now select the WordPress database that you want to repair from the left side list of all the available databases on your web server. This will open the list of all tables in your WordPress database.

Now at the end of list, you will see a drop down menu and an option to check all tables listed above. First click on ‘Check all’ to select all tables in your WordPress database and then select ‘Repair Tables’ option from the drop down list.

repair wordpress database from phpmyadmin

This will instantly repair all the tables in your WordPress database.

wordpress database repair in phpmyadmin

Please post below if you face any issued while trying to repair WordPress from PHPMyAdmin.