Rotating Ads On Sidebar Header Widgetized WordPress plugin : Adrotate

When we think of putting advertisement on our blog, most common thing which we need to avoid is ad blindness. One easy way to avoid Advertisement blindness is by putting rotating ads.

Usually users become use to seeing the same advertisement and thus CTR on ads decreases with time.

Ad rotate is one such useful plugin which helps you to rotate ads at any position of your blog. The plugin has some great feature which will make you use this plugin.

The plugin is widgetized and you can quickly add it to your blog if you have widget ready wordpress theme.

Features of Adrotate WordPress plugin :

  • Rotating advertisement
  • Date based advertising
  • Count CTR
  • Group ads
  • Work with adsense
  • Group feature to manage ads.
  • Ad control panel
  • Widgetized

Here are some screen shots of plugin which will make you understand how easy it is to use and what all you can do with this plugin :



To add a banner you need to upload banner to your wp-content/banner folder. Which will be created once you install the plugin.

After that you can simply use this code and select the image to create an ad.

<a href="%link%"><img src="%image%" border=0 alt="Wpfreelancer" style="margin:5px;"></a>


I prefer this ad rotate plugin over any other plugin to manage your advertisement.

Download plugin