How To Add a Scroll to Top Button in WordPress

If your WordPress based website have very long posts and pages, then its a good idea to add a scroll to top button to it, so that users can just click on it to go to the top of the website instead of scrolling manually.

It will also improve the bounce rate of your website, as most of the users will simply close the website if they have to scroll a lot manually.

The easiest way to add a scroll to top button to your WordPress site is by using the Scroll To Top plugin. This plugin will add a small button in the bottom right corner of your website, which will appear only after the user has scrolled a specified amount of screen. On clicking, the user will be taken to the top of the page or post with a nice and smooth scrolling effect.

How To Install and Setup Scroll To Top WordPress Plugin

First, download the Scroll to Top plugin and activate it.

This will automatically add the scroll to top button with default settings. To configure its settings, go to Settings > Scroll To Top.

Here you can specify the speed of smooth scrolling, the scroll length after which the button should be displayed and link to your own scroll to top button image, in case you don’t want to use the default one.

That’s it. Do let us know how this plugin affects your website’s bounce rate.