Manage All WordPress Sticky Posts From a Single Options Page

If you have a featured section on your WordPress site and you mark some of your posts to be sticky from time to time so that they stay at the top, in the featured area, then it will be very difficult for you after some time to manage all your sticky posts.

This is because, at the time of writing, there is no options or settings page in WordPress that lets you manage all sticky posts together. This is where the Sticky Manager plugin comes into picture. This plugin lets you manage all your sticky posts from a centralized admin page.

To start using Sticky Manager plugin, first download and install it from this page. Then activate this plugin and go to ‘Posts > Manage Stickies’. Here you will see all sticky posts at the top, and all the remaining posts below which can also be marked sticky from here.

To mark any sticky post as un-sticky, simply check the Unsticky option in front of it. To mark a normal post as sticky, start typing the post’s title in the search box, and the results box will instantly show the post which can be marked sticky immediately. Just make the changes as needed and click on Save Changes button.

Sticky Manager is the only plugin you need to manage all your sticky posts easily. Do check it out and also see other useful WordPress plugins we have reviewed.