What are the Limitations of Free WordPress blog

When we talk about WordPress.com blogs, It is the best for personal Blogging, where you not planning to make any money out of your blog. Though even if you are using it for personal blogging, there are many limitation of WordPress.com blogs.

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Here are the details of limitation of free WordPress blog :

Limited WordPress theme

If you planning to use any premium WordPress theme or any custom theme design for your blog. You need to stay away from WordPress.com. Free WordPress blogs has limited number of choices and they can’t put any custom WordPress theme.

No Plugins upload

The best part of WordPress is It’s Plugin features. Unlike Blogger blogs, You cam do everything here with plugins. WordPress plugin Directory is full of Plugins but many useful plugins are still not in WordPress.com directory and you might not be lucky enough to use them as

No Advertising

WordPress.com blog doesn’t allow you advertising of your blog and you might need to keep blogging without making any money out of it. Though as I mentioned in earlier articles, it’s good for personal blogging but not the best. Since you can’t put custom theme for your blog.

Violate TOS and Blog Boom

This is the main drawback of Blogspot and WordPress blog and that is, if you violate any of the rules like copyright infringement, spamming, commercial use, automatic blogging. Your Blog will be removed then and there. This is also the main problem with Blogspot Blogs.  That’s the another reason to get Self hosted WordPress blog.

Costly Upgrades

Though as mentioned above limitation can be taken away by using a paid upgrade like custom domain name, more storage and hacking wordpress theme. Though if I think in a normal way, why do we need to go for these costly upgrade when we can go for a better self hosted blog at minimum cost for an year.

No sub domain

Unlike Self hosted WordPress blog where you can add as many sub domain you want. That depend on the Web hosting you are using. A sub domain means suppose if you have a blog name mypet.com and you want to add more blog under same domain like

  • blog.mypet.com
  • Pictures.mypet.com

This is possible in self hosted WordPress blog but WordPress.com lack this feature. At the beginning you might not need this feature but later on you will be needing this feature to expand your blog.

What do you suggest? A free WordPress blog or a self hosted WordPress  blog?

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