WP-PageNavi Plugin- Customize your WordPress Page Navigation

Page navigation is a vital part of any blog design as it helps users to quickly navigate between pages. This is one of the most have design element for any WordPress blog. Here I’m talking about one WordPress Plugin which will help you to quickly add page navigation into your blog.

If you are not satisfied with the page navigation style of your WordPress theme and you do not want to waste your time in CSS and HTML or you do not have proper knowledge of web design then you can customize your page navigation style using WP-PageNavi. This plugin offers various options to customize WordPress page navigation such as text for pages,number of pages to show and CSS style for navigation buttons.


Features of WP-PageNavi

  • We can customize page navigation style
  • We can customize page navigation texts
  • We can add our custom style to page navigation
  • We can use built-in styles for page navigation
  • We can change page navigation style to drop down


  • Download the plugin from here and upload it using WordPress dashboard or using a FTP client


  • Search and install the plugin from WordPress dashboard
  • Activate the plugin and access it from Dashboard > Settings > PageNavi


“Here you can customize all options”

If you are using Thesis WordPress theme, this tutorial will guide you on how to add page navigation into Thesis theme.